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President: Alan Foster

The World Martial Arts Council provides an alternative. Throughout the world the martial arts continue to suffer from an absence of unity, constant disagreements, and confusion regarding their control and management. Over the years numerous styles and disciplines have evolved which are predominantly classed as minority sports by governments and local authorities, and considered as such, receive little or no promotion, media coverage, or financial assistance for their development and expansion. The World Martial Arts Council was established as a constituted international 'unincorporated association' to represent all martial arts, both traditional and modern, and offers unlimited growth potential, opportunities, and ongoing programmes of development. In order for the concept of a global martial arts family to succeed among the enormous number of unions, federations, societies, associations, or other bodies, it has to be unique and offer benefits other organisations fail to provide, and this requires an ongoing commitment from everyone involved. The World Martial Arts Council is a vehicle for all individuals and groups of any size, and aims to become the most influential martial arts body through the unification of all martial artists regardless of their chosen discipline, age, colour, creed, gender or location. It aims to maintain high standards, respect traditions, foster the true spirit, encourage development, and is an alliance of all nations, their people, martial arts, and cultures.