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Founded to guide and assist the growth and development of Ju-Jitsu in the United States through international sports and cultural exchange.The USA Sports Jujitsu Alliance was officially formed to represent the World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations in the United States to bringing together under one banner, national Jujitsu organizations to participate in the cultural exchange of jujitsu through quality international competition.

This is an organization for the purpose of promoting and developing the sport of jujitsu in the united states and the fielding of regional, national and international teams for competition in Sports Jujitsu. They support all forms and styles of Jujitsu, Judo and Grappling including Sambo and Pankration. Their ideal is to be inclusive of all organizations without politics and rankings and be a gathering point to educate and disseminate information. Their Alliances are welcome to utilize Their websites and mailing lists to help promote their events. It is their feeling that the broader Their reach across the the United States, the greater the pool of potential athletes to help field USA teams. Their intent is to be able to develop and support USA Athletes to compete at the highest levels in the world.

USA Director Patrick M. Hickey

National Advisory Board
Bruce Bethers - National Advisor
Roger Jarrett - National Advisor
Brian Walsh - National Advisor
Mike Antonides - National Director of Sports Jujitsu
Albert Pecoraro - National Director of Grappling
Ron and James Hill - National Coordinators for Sambo and Pankration
David Bonner- National Coordinator for Judo
Larry Overholt-National Coordinator for Taiho Jitsu