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International Federation of full contact fighting - IF FCF is founded in 2003 in Kislovodsk, the decision of representatives of 8 countries CIS.

Structure of Federation - popularization of own, extreme style of full contact fighting.

Development of rules FCF was conducted since 1994, in Kislovodsk, group of trainers under S.B.Ermakov's management.

Before occurrence IF FCF, on it, to new rules the set of large competitions has been lead and, including: the Championship of Internal armies of Russia, the Championship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Championship of the security enterprises of Russian company "Lukoil", tens championships of the South of Russia.

All these competitions have shown a urgency, appeal and safety of the new version of full contact fighting.

Since 2003 the International Federation FCF on a regular basis carries spends the international age competitions, opens national branches and clubs in territory: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Iran.

Since 2006 the International Federation Polnokontaktnogo of full contact fighting actively develops professional FCF and own professional league.